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The main principles of the «AROSA»
company are reflected in its slogan:
"Experience. Technology. Success. are:
Only the best products
from all around the world
The most favorable
conditions of cooperation
  1. The widest range of products able to meet the needs of different types of customers
  2. Specification, optimal for HoReCa and retail
  3. Cooperation with the world's largest manufacturers on distribution terms
  4. Annual programs and procurement plans for a long period of time
  5. Guaranteed availability of the consistent product range
  1. Long-term contracts with producers for obtaining the best possible price offers
  2. Streamlined supply chain, minimal financial charges on the cost of goods
  3. Flexible pricing policy, when the individual history of cooperation
    with a client is considered
Quality Control of goods at all stages of its movement from the manufacturer to the final customer Professional warehouse
  1. Regular inspections of the producers factories to control
    for compliance with the confirmed specifications
  2. Quality Control of the goods at shipment involving only highly
    reliable International Survey Companies
  3. Quality Control during delivery: temperature recorders, Survey
    inspections during veterinary and customs checks and final unloading
  4. Obligatory testing/cooking of the goods immediately after
    arrival at the company's warehouse
  1. The use of bar codes on all stages of storage and shipment of goods
    to reduce the number of errors in compilation of orders
  2. Addressed storage system of goods
  3. Compilation of orders using portable data terminals (PDT)
  4. Bar coding of clients documents and suppliers to ensure delay-free workflow
Prompt delivery Twenty-four-hour
customer support
  1. Own fleet of multi-temperature vehicles with different carrying capacity
  2. Monitoring system on conformance of the optimal temperature
    condition during the transportation of the goods
  3. Delivery at strictly coordinated time
  1. Personal Manager and Call Center Operator for each client
  2. Immediate assistance from our Service Centre staff
  3. Professional Consulting from our Corporate Chefs
  4. Conducting of individual master classes, personal assistance
    in the development of dishes and menus

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