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Cooperation with partners and suppliers is based on following principles:
fulfilment of
Cooperation with
partners is based on a
long term basis
Exclusive brands promotion
  1. Company's financial sustainability provided by the affiliation with the large holding company guarantees timely payments even in the condition of difficult economic situation in Russia and in the world
  2. On the territory of the Russian Federation we are willing to work with the guarantee of the most stable Russian banks
  3. We are willing to work through letters of credit with our import partners
  4. We provide a bank guarantee of the oldest European banks as UBS, Credit Agricole etc.
  1. Cooperation with our suppliers is based on principles of exclusivity
  2. Experience of employees allows to coordinate the annual program and procurement plans for an extended period of time
  3. The working team of AROSA has a great working experience in crisis situations. This fact ensures our flexibility and capability for rapid response
  1. AROSA has capacity and successful experience in promoting brands of its suppliers on the Russian HoReCa and retail market
  2. Marketing programs include:

    • development of a brand positioning strategy on the Russian market
    • making polygraphic materials ( brochures, recipes leaflets) and distributing in Moscow and regions
    • organization of promo-events , master-classes, festivals etc.
    • organization of degustations and customer trainings
    • placing materials in the professional press
    • making souvenirs for brand positioning
  3. During the development and implementation of marketing events we involve the leading Russian and world chefs
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