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Series of gastronomic meetings: Roman Burtsev's presentations in Sochi

On 17 March a series of the gastronomic presentations, which our company holds for clients of “Big Sochi”, started. The Arosa brand chief Roman Burtsev has submitted his "Variations on octopus and tuna, bobby veal and game meat" to guests opinion judgement.

The presentation has taken place in one of the most impressive hotels of the winter capital of Russia – L'Olivo restaurant of Marriott Krasnaya Polyana hotel. More than 80 guests of the presentation – chefs, restaurateurs and purchasers of the leading institutions of the region – could enjoy tasting sets of Arosa products, to communicate in an informal setting with the staff of the company's office in Sochi and to taste dishes, which Roman has developed especially for the presentation on March 17.

The gastronomic program of the presentation consisted of five main courses:

1.       Rack of a bobby veal "sous-vide" in 2 servings:

  • In the Russian style: with wheat porridge with beet and spicy creamy sauce

  • In the form of a crown from rack, risotto with fried chanterelles and olive oil foam

2.       Elk cutlet on a stake from cabbage with mashed potatoes and tomato and creamy sauce

3.       Tuna steak "sous-vide" with Asian-style salad

4.       Ribeye steak from the Argentina marbled beef with a garnish from a spicy and garlic bread crumb

5.       The Moroccan octopus in 2 servings:

  • Salad with octopus, baked tomatoes and tapioca

  • Tentacle of an octopus served in Flamenco style

You can see the photo and video report on presentation in the Photo gallery.

The next presentation of Roman Burtsev in Sochi will take place on 27 April in L'Olivo restaurant of Marriott Krasnaya Polyana hotel. Gathering of guests at 11-00, beginning of presentation at 12-00.To enter for a presentation, please, contact your personal manager or make it by phone: +7 862 5551010.  

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